iMessage on PC originates from the place of Apple. There are many informing applications accessible for Windows, Apple and Android gadgets. By and large, we can not utilize an Apple application in Windows working framework. Be that as it may, now as innovation is showing signs of improvement step by step and with this headway we have numerous techniques to utilize iMessage For PC in Windows gadgets. 




Stage 1 >> Start you Apple Mac and open iMessage application. Alongside it begin your Windows PC. 

Stage 2 >> Here you have to open Google Chrome Browser and Download Chrome Remote Desktop Extension on both your Mac and Windows PC.

Stage 3 >> Now in Windows PC you can dispatch Chrome Remote Desktop augmentation. 

Stage 4 >> In the Mac you have to download Chrome Remote Desktop Host Installer and introduce it. 

Stage 5 >> In the fifth step you will get a code that enables you to utilize another PC by means of Chrome Remote Extension. 



The principal technique closes and on the off chance that you have any uncertainty or recommendation with respect to Chrome strategy, you can utilize the remark segment. This strategy isn't valuable for each PC Users as it requires two PC.